My Role

Santa’s Last Stand is a game developped in 4 days during a Christmas game jam with a team of 10 from different years. We used Unreal Engine 4 for this project. I mainly worked on the wave system, the lootboxes and the enemies AI. You can download the game here.


An ancient evil has turned most of the children into zombies, and now they want to savagely end the magic of Christmas. Play as Santa and defend the last tree of Christmas on Earth ! Don’t worry, your bullets won’t kill them… It will just free them from this evil curse. Well, I mean, in theory, they might be dead forever but uh.. we gotta believe in the Christmas magic ya’ know ?


  • A wave system
  • Pathfinding for the enemies
  • Trap placing system
  • Gift looting in between waves

Play as Santa in this FPS tower defense. Assert your right to bear arms and kill free zombies children from their curse by using Christmas miracles and Semi Automatic weapons. Use traps like mines, an Ice Wall spawn spell and turrets to defend your property and the Christmas tree. Open gifts in order to find traps that will reinforce your defense ! Fight against waves of monsters and hold your ground until the end.

Will you be able to save Christmas from all danger ?

The Team

Producer: Eliott Tirant

Programmers: Félix Jouanneau, Enzo Gut, Nicolas Rogé, David Duhem

Game Designers: Juliano Stanislas, Loic Lanternier, Aurélien Fontaine

Game Art: Alice Brayer, Charles Bouyssou

Download Link