My Role

I worked on this game for a 72h game jam where we had to create a multiplayer game. I mainly worked on the movement, health and abilities of the characters. Whereas my fellow programmers worked on the AI, the wave system and the camera. You can learn more about the team and the game here.


Guillermus and Rufus are 2 incredible knights. They saved a lof of princesses and they never expected anything in return. One day, they cross 2 princesses who are talking about a party in honor of the GREATEST knights. The problem ? They are not invited. And that,  is UNACCEPTABLE. The goal is to survive all the waves and beat the boss princess.


  • Two player coop game
  • Top Down View
  • A dynamic splitscreen
  • 3 abilites (Dash, Grenades and Kick)
  • Wave system

The Team

Programmers : Elise Nguyen, Maxence Colas, David Duhem

Game Designers : Quentin Chailleux, Paul Bourdeau

Artists : Jason Hameon, Martin Arribard

Producer : Maxime Tailame