My Role

Mirage is a game developped in 48h during the Ludum Dare 47 with a team of 8. On this project, I had the opportunity to work on the game’s loop, the player’s movement and the gravity mechanics (you can walk on walls).I also worked on the platforms and rocket animations plus its particle effects. 


Every night, you dive into a world you don’t recognize. However, a tower in the distance beckons you. Just looking at it makes you feel nostalgic. Your goal is therefore simple : to reach this mysterious tower…

  • Unfortunately, the way to the tower is paved with traps and obstacles.
  • Dreams don’t last forever. You have to reach the tower before you wake up.


  • Climb on red walls to change gravity
  • Interact with objects and platforms
  • Find the right path before the time runs out

You are stuck in a loop. How many runs will you need to complete this game ?

The Team

Project Manager: Paul Bourdeau

Programmers: Maxence Colas, David Duhem

Game Designers: Nicolas Poittevin, Jules Seigneur

Game Art: Doriane Claireaux (2D), Martin Arribard (3D)

Sound Designer: Jean-Baptiste Mar

Download Link