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My Role

This project was done in three months during the last year of my master degree as we had the opportunity to continue the development of Break Punch. This time, the game embraced its party game aspect and our goal was to create a few polished game modes and keep our main « Grand Slam » mode.


Fighting Mad Lads is a party-game brawler where you have to fight your friends in various modes. Up to 4 players (local), alternating between a volleyball match and pure fight, try your best to become the king of the Grand Slam.


  • Up to 4 players (local)
  • 4 modes available
  • A « Grand Slam » mode (mix of all modes)
  • 4 variations of the same character
  • Guided Tutorials, missions et training mode

The Coin Master mode

I mainly worked on the « Coin Master » game mode where all the players are fighting to collect a coin that they need to « cash-in » by hitting an arcade machine.

The mode have several phases, during the first one, while the players are fighting for the coin, the spot where the arcade machine will appear is randomly selected.

When it appears, the player with the coin has to reach it and hit it with a direct attack to score one point. The other players must try to hit the player with the coin to steal it from her/him.

There are also « special » rounds, like one with multiple coins or one with a bigger coin that counts for two points.

The main challenge was to fix all the issues related to the coin using the engine physics and make sure it always stayed in the limit of the level.


The Team

Producer : Nicolas Villard  |  Assistant Producer : Guillaume Moge

Lead Artist : Alexandre Roblin  |  3D Artist : Martin Arribard

Lead Programmer : Clarence Berard  |  Programmers : Nam Mirbeau-Baudin, Nicolas Rogé, David Duhem

Lead Game Designer : Damien Salgueira  |  Game Designers : Aymeric Mullot, Lucas Sanchez, Eloïse Gur

Lead Sound Designer : Raphaël Monnin  |  Sound Designer : Nicolas Sanchez

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