My Role

On this game, I mainly worked on the ragdoll, the physic and the variation of the gravity depending on the location of the character (ground, mid air, sticked) and the implementation of the level. I also helped the younger programmers in the team for their tasks. You can download the game here.


ChoCoop is a physic based game developped during the integration game jam with a team of 10 from different years.
It is a 2D coop game where 2 players team-up to control the nutcracker in his quest to get the chocolate. This won’t be an easy task as the chocolate is located at the top of the room’s furnitures…


  • A Unity physic based game
  • Dynamic gravity
  • 2 players to control the same character

Will you and your friend have the synergy the climb to the top ?

The Team

Producers: Maxime tailame,  Karim Amara

Programmers: Jules Fritz, Hugo Benrabia, David Duhem

Game Designers: Juliano Stanislas, David Fernand, Stéphane Murça

Game Art: Lyna Kriati,  Alexandre Roblin

Download Link