My Role

I worked on this project as a gameplay programer for 6 months. I mainly worked on the implementation of Pulse moveset, the Bomb mode, the Grand Slam mode and some debug tools. The main challenge was the Grand Slam mode that needed to include all the modes into a bigger one with new rules, score transitions and more. You can learn more about the game and the team here.


Break Punch is a party-game brawler where you have to fight your friends in various modes. Up to 4 players (local), alternating between a volleyball match and pure fight, try your best to become the king of the Grand Slam.


  • Up to 4 players (local)
  • 4 modes available
  • A « Grand Slam » mode (mix of all modes)
  • 2 playable characters with different movesets
  • Guided Tutorials, missions et training mode

The Grand Slam mode

The Grand Slam mode is the core of the party-game aspect of Break Punch, as it allows the players to fight in various modes with different rules. The first player to reach the score goal at the end of a fight is the winner. Between each mode, a screen appears to display the points earned in the previous mode, the new score, the randomly selected next mode, etc…


The Team

Producer : Nicolas Villard  |  Assistant Producer : Guillaume Moge

Lead Artist : Alexandre Roblin  |  3D Artist : Martin Arribard

Lead Programmer : Clarence Berard  |  Programmers : Nam Mirbeau-Baudin, Nicolas Rogé, David Duhem

Lead Game Designer : Damien Salgueira  |  Game Designers : Aymeric Mullot, Lucas Sanchez, Eloïse Gur

Lead Sound Designer : Raphaël Monnin  |  Sound Designer : Nicolas Sanchez

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