My Role

Antique Dream is the last project of my bachelor degree where we had to create a game about the fall of our modern society (collapsology). I worked on this as a game programmer (and game designer) for 3 months. The main challenge on this project was that we were the smallest team with only 4 people, without trained artists and only one programmer. It was my biggest project at the time and I learned a lot by being constantly challenged by the decisions we made as game designers. You can learn more about the team and the game here.


Antique Dream is narrative puzzle game where you play Zia, a little girl from what seems to be a ancient greek village. One day, she fell into a cavern and discovered the ruins of an old civilisation and the secrets it holds.


  • A 10 minutes experience
  • A mix of puzzles and platforms
  • Collectibles and a simple inventory

A challenge

For this project, I had to create a custom character controller in order to have smooth movements and slope handling. The character was able to handle slopes, only at a certain angle, otherwise, it had to slide down.

This was definitely not the easy way but it taught me a lot about custom character controller and physics of the player.

The Team

Chef de projet: Paul Bourdeau

Programmeur: David Duhem

Level Designers: Pierre Riou,  Anne Gauthier

Graphistes: Pierre Riou, Anne Gauthier

Sound Designer: Paul Bourdeau

All members of the team also worked as game designers.


Download Link